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The University of Nigeria is widely known in Nigeria and beyond for her strict adherence to quality and bureaucratic principles, especially when it comes to admission of new students. This and many other factors have forged the University into what students from other universities call “University of over serious-Minded fellows”.

The postgraduate admission process of UNN just like many other universities in the country is not bereft of bureaucratic flaws. Issues like incompetence on the part of the staff, intermittent power supply, unnecessary delays in the admission process remotely mar the admission process but the major cog in the wheel of candidates’ admission are most times, caused by the candidates themselves. You may be wondering why I took such a stance. Do not worry I will explain.

Application for UNN postgraduate programmes is not a one-off process where you submit your application online and leave everything to chance. No. It’s a process that demands eagle-eyed monitoring, and total adherence to the directives. Remove this and you will end up being shocked at the end of the tunnel.

Let us, therefore, take a close look at why you may not be admitted into the UNN postgraduate programme.

  1.   Qualifying higher institution: There are higher institutions in Nigeria that are not recognized by the University of Nigeria. The NUC has a list of recognized universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in the country. Therefore, if a student’s qualifying degree certificate is coming from an unrecognized institution, such person’s postgraduate admission will be jeopardized.
  2. Incomplete Application Package: The UNN postgraduate application supporting documents are: Degree(s) certificate, NYSC discharge or exemption cert., O’level cert., Birth Cert., FSLC., LGA Identification Letter and a passport photograph. In some cases, If the NYSC cert. is not ready, the application can sail through which the person must provide it during registration and verification exercise. More so, if a candidate has the original copy of her/his transcript, he is to bring it alongside the application package. However, we have discovered that many applicants submit their application without some of these supporting documents. The implication is that some of the schedule officers in the admission unit will dump your application because it’s incomplete. Although some of the schedule officers with human faces call candidates to inform them if there is a missing document in their application, some will dump your application.
  3. Missing or late arrival of transcript: If there is anything that should not be missing in your application, it is your transcript. After your application, the next thing in line is to go for your transcript. Even after applying for your transcript, you have to make sure that it arrived at the appropriate quarters. Failure to do so may kill your chances of being admitted. In one of our posts, I argued that your transcript is the most important of all the supporting documents. So make sure you apply for your transcript on time and have someone check for you if it did arrive.
  4. Late application: Yes. Late application is one of them. Let me explain. When postgraduate applications reach various departments, what they do is to check your CGPA and supporting documents after which a supervisor is assigned to the candidates. If you happen to apply at a time when all qualified lecturers have been assigned more-than-enough supervisees, the department may reject your application on the ground that they do not have enough supervisors for the applicants. This is usually the case when the application process has lingered for so long. Although this situation is rare if you happen to be the ill-fated guy, it could hamper your application.
  5. Inadequate CGPA: The first thing I ask people who wish to apply for the UNN postgraduate programme through me is “hope your CGPA is good enough”. This is because I know that nothing stifles the life out of candidates’ application like inadequate CGPA. In the advert, it is stated that a candidate coming from a university should have at least, second class lower (2.5) to be qualified for a masters programme. But some people ignore this to apply because their friends are applying. Refer to UNN POSTGRADUATE ADMISSIONS ADVERT FOR 2018/2019 for more information on requirements.
  6. Wrong choice of programme: I have witnessed situations where candidates go for any programme of their choice just because it’s their passion. Brother, sister, passion must meet preparedness to thrive. One instance is this: About a month ago I met a lady all the way from Plateau state at the PG school. In her hands was her application package. In the middle of our conversation, I asked to see her application. I noticed that she is a Political Science graduate and wanted to run an programme in Psychology. She had already applied for Psychology. I had to explain to her that she must do a PGD programme in Psychology before going for Masters. She stared at me with utter disbelief. It was after she confirmed my point from the admission unit that it dawned on her. Later on, I had to do the needful for her.

If you need further clarifications on this, we can discuss using the comment box below. You can as well join our UNN postgraduate forum to get connected to students and prospective students alike by using this link



  1. Ada

    August 17, 2018 at 7:09 am


  2. Okeke Franklin (Administrator)

    August 17, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Questions will come from philosophy.

  3. Ngozi

    August 7, 2018 at 7:13 am

    what are the likely questions for a philosophy prospective student?

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