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Have you heard that saying that “money is the root of all evil?” Of course you have but unfortunately many people today no longer take that as an absolute truth and neither should you.

The truth is that people’s understanding of what “love of money” is is laced with prejudices. Struggle today to land some bucks in your pockets with seriousness, they tag it “love of money.”

Money is a thing that should be loved. I said loved not lust!. Come to think of it, how can you not love the main thing that guarantees you 90 percent of what you want out of life? I mean, it’s absurd to claim that what everyone lives to acquire should not be loved.

Just take a look at the following and see why you should love money and must go after it with enough energy:

Money gives you emotional security
When you have money, you won’t have to wake up worrying about when your rent will expire. All you need to do is pay as soon as it expires. Tell me how emotionally secure you will be when you know that you can be kicked out of the house any day.

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Money puts food on your table
You won’t be able to chew money but on the contrary, you won’t have food to chew if there is no money to purchase them. If you must eat, you must pay for it. If you must pay for your food with all dignity and respect, then you must work hard.

Money builds houses
If you have ever dreamt of owning your own house, becoming a landowner, then money is something you cannot do away with. Dangote does not give away bags of cement for free; money has to be used to buy them. Also, you will need the help of architectures, engineers, laborers, and none comes without a price tag — money.

Money gives you respect.
When you have money, people will listen to you when you talk. The society respects those who have some cash to throw around when the need arises. With money a front seat is rest assured when you visit the house of God. Everyone will want to identify with you, everyone wants to be your friend.

Money is needed to make more money
Ideas are important to start up any money making venture, but there are millions of good ideas from people that never materialized because there is no money to fund it. Do not be deceived, you really need money to make money.


We are scared and tired of poverty.
You must be tired as I am with this thing called poverty. We don’t like the idea of being poor, we don’t like the idea of begging, and we love to provide for our needs and that of our family and friends.

Money gives our children provision for a better future.
We have suffered to be where we are now so we wouldn’t want our children to suffer as well. So we must make money for that purpose. We must insure the safety of their future and we can only do that with money. Real Money.
Money is not the reason we love money, our dreams, aspiration, and needs are the reason we love money, and we can’t settle for less. Therefore if you have dreams, if you aspire to achieve them, then love money as I do.

Credit:Ken. C. Kama

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