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Hello readers! Today we bring to you, our top 6 facts every new student of UNN must have in mind to ensure a successful stay in the University of Nigeria.

For sure, UNN is known for her academic excellence all over Nigeria and beyond. This single fact accounts for the high rate of application the university receives every academic year. However, applying to UNN and getting the admission does not literally translate to your success.  Hence we thought it wise to compile a knowledge-packed analyses of the things every new student of UNN must have at the back of his/her mind to prepare for the worst. Yes the worst!

It is a must read as it will go a long way to preparing your mind against the hidden facts that lie under the serene fortress of the den.

Below are 6 things every new student of UNN should bear in mind:  

  • UNN loves unnecessary protocols: Have you wondered why students find UNN somewhat unappealing after being offered admission? One of the reasons is because of their penchant for unnecessary protocol. UNN is an institution that would want you to observe every slightest of protocols whenever you have series of activities to carry out. Do you know that for every clearance you want to do, you must bring a payment invoice of the receipt irrespective of whether or not you have the receipt. For goodness sake, is it not the invoice that gives the receipt? Imagine a school where lecturers don’t mark the content of an assignment but the rules they gave for the assignment like font size, font style, paragraphing, indentation and line spacing. God forbid! So keep those receipts and invoices safe.


  • UNN will Stress the hell out of you: I have never met students who complain about being stressed out like the lions and lionesses. Most times, you would think it’s a joke until you come very close. Just look at how it happens: For instance, UNN will take up to 5 months to sell undergraduate and postgraduate application forms. They will not publish the names of the successful candidates on time. By the time they do, they have already wasted some months meant for academic activities in a semester. Then to catch up, they will begin to fix lectures here and there. Lectures begin to clash and before you know it, Saturday is also taken for lectures. At the end, you have barely two months to prepare for your exam. and here is where the best crammers rule supreme. At the end of the semester, you will have been sucked dry. So learn your memorization skills well!


  • You can’t maneuver any fees in UNN: This one is written even on the face of the UNN Vice Chancellor. You can’t run away with any of his fees. If you doubt me ask older students. Some students have formed the habit of diverting their school fees to other personal ventures with the mindset that they can forge receipts. Hello! It does not work in the University of Nigeria! Yes quash the idea my dear. Some people might lure you into doing it but believe you me, you will be caught. Do you know what happens next? For any of those fees you jumped its payment, there is a compulsory penalty fee attached. So pay your school fees as at when due!


  • CGPA is celebrated in UNN: CGPA popularly known with its short form (GP) in UNN is usually given a sort of lordly ovation in the University of Nigeria. You want to be regarded with a scholarly eye in your class? Pitch your GP as high enough as would make you appear intelligent. Simply put, you are nothing without a sound GP as far as University of Nigeria is concerned. Ask others and hear for yourself. So do not play with your GP! Jack until there is nothing to jack!


  • Never report any lecturer alone: This is unfortunate but true. During your departmental and faculty orientation programmes, you will be told to report any lecturer found wanting in his duties. You will also be told that you have the unassailable right to go for remarking of your script if you are not satisfied with the lecturers score. Please disregard those hogwash. Your name will be ‘ntooo‘ if you try that. If at all you feel that a lecturer is victimizing you, try to drag other classmate of yours into hating the lecturer before planning to report him/her. Doing this alone will make you regret ever setting your foot on the soils of UNN.


  • There is no sorting galore in UNN: UNN does not celebrate ‘sorting’. This is a known fact. It’s outrightly sacrilegious to the point that it stings in the ear of majority of the students and lecturers. By this I am not saying that the possibility of earning exam scores with your body and money is not there but, in UNN it’s a road hardly taken by many.

Hope you enjoyed it. Let us hear what you think about this in the comment box below.

Best Regards!



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