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Things I must do to get UNN PG Admission

Almost everyday, I read the top search results from my blog Sometimes, when I see interesting questions from people I write on them. So today, I saw this question from the list of top searches and decided to write on it.
The question raised, quoting the person word for word, is “Things I must do to get UNN PG Admission

Well, to answer this, there is no particular way to begin but to point out few important things that could really help to get UNN PG admission.

  1. Being Qualified: To get admitted to do your PG programme in UNN, you must be qualified. Although, many people jump into the conclusion that they are graduates and rush to purchase the form. Please be aware that all departments accepts GP from 2.5 (second class lower division) and above as the minimum requirement for accepting a masters applicant. In an occasion where you had lower than that in your transcript, you either go for a PGD programme (if the department is offering a PGD programme) or choose another University. ESUT and EBSU accept below 2.5 for master so you can try them as well. As for Ph.D applicants, different Faculties and Departments apply different yardsticks. In Education Faculty for instance, you must have at least 4.0 before they accept your application to run a Ph.D programme under the Faculty. Law Faculty accepts 3.5. Business Administration Faculty, 4.0, Agric Faculty, 3.5 and so on. So to be on a safe zone, you have to know what your Masters GP is like before applying. Do not say because you have defended your thesis, that you are qualified. It doesn’t work that way!
  2. Choosing the wrong programme: In the UNN Postgraduate regulation, apart from the professional programmes, the major programmes are PGD(PGDE, PGDL, PGDTE) M.SC (M.ED, M.A, M.F.A, M.TECH, M.PHARM, M.ENG etc) and Ph.D. We also have programmes like M.Sc/Ph.D for those whose GP did not meet up with the requirement for Ph.D. If you carelessly mix any of these things up in your application, it might hurt your application. For instance, if you want to switch fields, you have to check if your new field accepts applicants (on a direct basis) from your previous field. I have witnessed some people who, after studying Education/Pol science, applied for Political Science because they think Pol Science Department will take them. Or after studying Mass Communication in your degree, you apply for Psychology or Social Work. No one will look at your file my dear. The same is applicable to other departments. So do enough consultation if you are confused. You can check out the people to consult HERE.
  3. Your Screening Score: I usually do not comment loudly on PG screening score because of some emotional mix it brings up in people. Low performers always want me to assure them that they’d still be admitted with a significantly low test score. Some go as far as purchasing the supplementary form because they want to take the screening again even when I tell them to wait for the first list. But trust what panic can do to adults who are bent on being admitted at all cost. But the truth remains that your screening score, depending on the department and on the number of applications received in that department, could mar your application. It is as simple as that. The remedy is to do well in the screen so you concentrate on other issues. Do not say because you heard that Mrs. Yusuf scored as low as 25% last year and was offered admission that you’d be offered admission in your department for scoring as low. You may be shocked in the end. It has happened to some people that I know.
  4. Other Factors: Here we take cognizance of factors such as late arrival of transcripts, wrong submission of application forms, late application and missing transcript issues etc.

I would have loved to elaborate more on how some of the factors listed in number 4 happen but for want of time, let me draw the curtain.

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Good day!!!

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