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While some UNN PG students smile during their clearance exercise for having graduated on time and paying the UNN PG school fees twice, some do not share the same fate during graduation. Many uninformed students pay as much as four times before they graduate and you begin to wonder if throwing money into the coffers of the University is a new way of showing philanthropism.

Before I proceed, I would like to emphasize that this article is mostly intended for those who may not graduate on time, that is, those students who may spend more than the normal two sessions in their UNN masters programme due to one reason or the other. Ph.D students can use the method as well.

The truth is that you can spend three or more years in your masters programme and still pay your UNN PG schools for just the two sessions.

Look at how it works. When you are admitted as a new UNN PG student, apart from the acceptance fee, you are also expected to pay your first school fees which is usually between 90400 and 95400 depending on the faculty. Again, you are expected to pay a lesser amount of the school fees the next session which usually ranges from 75k to 80k as the case may be. However, if you experience a delay in your programme due to your job demands, health issues, family-related issues and whatever reason, you’d pay the same amount of school fees as you paid in the second year of your programme. Consequently, the more you are delayed or the more you delay yourself in the programme, the more school fees you pile up for yourself. Expensive right? Fine. Let’s look at a way of getting around this.


First you need to get a copy of the completion form from room 105 at the PG school or get it from a student who saved a copy during his/her clearance. Fill the form accordingly. When you look at the form critically, you’d see three columns where your Supervisor, HOD and Dean are meant to sign.

The question is: when do you take the completion form to your supervisor? It is advisable you do this after you must have paid the second school fees and must have built a great rapport with your supervisor. If you are almost done with your project work, that makes it more interesting!

Your job at this point is to find a way of persuading your supervisor to sign the completion form. If you succeed, submit to your HOD. As soon as the HOD sees the Supervisor’s signature, he/she will definitely sign. Once you are able to get these two people to sign the completion form at the end of the second session of your programme, you wouldn’t pay the third fees even if you spent an extra year. It’s as simple as that. What the Bursar looks at is the date the HOD and the Supervisor signed and not that of the Faculty Dean.

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In some situations, if you were not able to get the HOD and your supervisor to sign your completion form at the end of the second session, you can still ask your Supervisor to backdate his signature whenever you take it to him to sign. If the Supervisor is the type that likes gifts, go with something and make sure you present the completion form after he/she must have accepted your gift. REMEMBER, the supervisor has to backdate his signature to fall into the session you want to stop paying. For instance, if your reg. no reads PG/MSC/16…. you are supposed to pay 2016/17 and 2017/2018 school fees before you graduate. But if you were unable to sign the completion form till 2018/2019, you are paying the third school fees unless the Supervisor takes the date to let’s say 12/02or03/2019. Anything from April is taken to be a new session.

Same thing is applicable to Ph.D students. Your programme is usually 3-5yrs. If you spend more than 5 years, use the same method as above to reduce the number of school fees you’d be making to the school.

Hope this method meets you well.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Irene

    September 9, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    999 thrillion gbosa for you for this information!!!!!!!!

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