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As a student, it is very important to plan how to face every academic huddle the university will throw at you. Are you an undergraduate student in the final year or about to enter your final year in the university? Are you a post graduate student? Do you know that your project or thesis can keep you in school longer than you anticipated and possibly stop you from graduating with your set? But if you understand what you need to do and when you need to do them, you won’t have to worry that much. LITECONOMETRIX present to you few tips that will be useful if you intend to get your thesis done faster with ease:

  • Get to know your supervisor on time: your supervisor is one person that you cannot avoid if you want your thesis to be done and approved on time. It is very important that you create a good relationship with our supervisor as soon as possible. Visiting him or her in the office at least once a week, no matter how strict the person is, is not out of place. The goal is to find a respectful way to get close to him or her. Else you will have to spend months waiting for approval of each chapter you summit.
  • Get a project topic approved by your supervisor on time: please as soon as you find out who your supervisor is, research for a good project topic and draft a proposal for your supervisor’s approval. If you are confused about how to go about picking a researchable project topic, or you are having an issue with writing a good project proposal, contact LITECONOMETRIX for guidance. The earlier you get your project topic approved the closer you are to finishing your project.
  • Make sure you have all the resources you will need for the topic chosen: it is good to do a mind-blowing research work, but it is even better to get a topic that will not hook you along the way. There have been issues of students requesting for change of topic in the middle of their research work because they just realized that they didn’t have all the resources needed for the topic they are working on. Please avoid this kind of scenario. If you need help with easy and researchable topics, contact LITECONOMETRIX.
  • Make sure you are conversant with your departmental format: though academic research is about identifying a problem, conducting a study and proffering solution to the problem, it is important to note that each school, faculty and department has a peculiar way of presenting a research project. Get recent copies of previous research works in your department and get used to the formats. This will save you a lot of troubles.
  • Seek for outside help: If at any point you get chocked along the way, seek help! Yes, it is not out of place in research and that is why LITECONOMETRIX is here. It is okay to collaborate with other researchers and project experts that can provide help and guidelines to aid the success of your work. In fact the contributions of other researchers will surely benefit your work and save you a lot of time and stress. Remember the priority is to do a recommendable research work and graduate on time.
At LITECONOMETRIX, we provide research project, thesis and article writing assistance in management/social science and education. We also provide training on research data analysis using E-view, STATA and SPSS. Our extra services include, business plan writing and business profile promotion. Contact: 07067495549(WHATSAPP), 08070714391 or send us an email at

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