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Many prospective UNN PG Students have raised questions bordering on what the fees structure for UNN postgraduate students looks like. Well in this post, we will try to list and break down all the fees every UNN Postgraduate student must pay to the school before he/she graduates. The list of the fees goes below:

  1. Acceptance Fee: This fee previously was N25,000 but was increased to N35,000 in the 2018/2019 session by the administration. It’s the first payment every newly admitted UNN Postgraduate student must pay to announce his/her arrival in the University.
  2. School Fees: As a new student, the tuition fee is N90,400 for students who are not in the sciences and N95,400 for students in the sciences. Still on the school fees, in the subsequent session you pay N75,000 for those who are not in the science-related faculties and N80,000 for those in the sciences. Note that the more your programme lingers, the more you pay tuition!!!
  3. Late Registration Fee: This is a penalty fee you pay if you fail to pay your school fees on time in a session. The fee is N5000.
  4. External Exam Fee: This fee is N40,000 for masters students readying for external defense and N60,000 for Ph.D students going for external defense and it is compulsory. However, you only pay this when your project has been approved for external examination.
  5. Entrepreneurship Fee:Funny as it sounds, this fee is compulsory and is only paid once. You pay it alongside your school fees and the cost is N6,500.
  6. PGC Fee: PGC stands for Postgraduate Course and it’s N6000. This fee is for Postgraduate Workshop which every UNN Postgraduate Student must attend. The payment is compulsory and can only be made with your registration number.
  7. Postgraduate Convocation Levy: This fee is for those preparing themselves for Postgraduate convocation. The amount is N10,000. You must pay for this before collecting your certificate at the end of your programme.
  8. Statement of Result: You pay for this if you cannot wait until your certificate is ready for collection. The amount is N5000.

Please bear in mind that the list of fees above can be changed by the schools’ administration any time they deem it necessary.



  1. Okeke Franklin (Administrator)

    September 12, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    I added it dear. I stated that it’s 75000 for non science students and 80000 for science related students.

  2. Ada

    September 12, 2019 at 8:21 am

    Weldone. It seems you didn’t add the fee paid in second year of the programme,I mean: the second year school fees.

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