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The first batch of the UNN screening test for 2018/2019 postgraduate application has been written and candidates have started checking their results. The ones we have checked so far for some of our clients, on a general note, have been outstanding. However, this is not to say that some did not perform below average. Of course, those who did not prepare for the PG screening test messed it up big time.

As a result of the above, since the UNN PG screening result was released, there have been panic, circulation of inaccurate information on cut-off marks, dissemination of wrong information on which department cuts more etc.

This post is therefore meant to correct this information which has unfortunately permeated the social media so much that my phone hardly stays up to a minute without one applicant or the other calling to confirm the cut-off mark.

I wish to, therefore, categorically state that there is no such thing as PG screening general cut-off mark in the University of Nigeria. Whether you scored 50, 20, or 100, the selection method is down to each department and they decide who to offer admission. This is not to say, however, that the screening result tantamounts to nothing. It only means that the departments look more into your qualifying CGPA, your previous area of specialization and the connection it has with your new area of application; your previous degree type and the relationship it has with your newly selected degree type much more than they look at the screening result.


For instance, department A may decide to admit not more than 500 PG applicants in a calendar year due to some reasons like inadequate lecturers, supervisors and dearth of facilities. If 520 candidates applied to the department and the 520 met the basic requirements, of course, they need some other criteria to cut the number to 500. This is when the screening score is most likely needed to judge candidates. They may decide that those who scored less than 25 be shown the exit and that will be that.

Applicants should, therefore, understand that any admission process is competitive and no one will be deemed fit for admission if you do not meet the fundamental requirements. Remember, in the PG advert, it was not stated that applicants would be judged by their performance in the PG screening test but by the basic requirements listed in the advert.

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Hence, I enjoin all applicants, especially those who met the fundamental requirements listed by the School of Postgraduate Studies, UNN to relax and wait for the admission list.

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To look up the requirements again click HERE

We at UnnObzava wish you the best luck can offer!

Franklin (08132677148) for UnnObzava


Note: Information presented here represents the author's opinion.


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