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As a postgraduate student in any Nigerian higher institution, doing something that is financially rewarding remains one of the things that will ensure a smooth ride in your postgraduate scholarship. Unlike the undergraduate years where money drops into your account at your call, graduate studies demand huge financial engagement and as such, many middle placed parents will almost always give you one excuse or the other when you, as a postgraduate student, disturbs them for money.

You are too old for that. Come on!

Nsukka town, housing the main campus of the University of Nigeria, holds thousands of postgraduate students in her belly. And many, especially those who have no steady sources of income but went ahead to purchase the University of Nigeria postgraduate form, do wonder what this town could afford them in terms of part-time job opportunities. While many assume that Nsukka is a dead zone for hustlers, some others who have put their nose to the grindstone have actually come to realize that there are little things/paid engagements one, as a postgraduate student without a job could do to sustain himself/herself while still studying. This is what this post will try to unravel — little businesses that could sustain a postgraduate student in UNN especially, those without a steady income.

Some of the businesses that could sustain a postgraduate student in UNN include:

Project/Assignment Writing:This is one of the things that could fetch a whole lot of cash for you as a postgraduate student. However, it demands expertise to a reasonable degree. As a PG student without a stable means of livelihood, you can learn how to write projects and assignments. You can start with sandwich students’ project. I already have a network for this kind of job. What I do is to assess few assignments from you after which I will link you to a project work that could fetch you 40-50k when you are done.

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Teaching: Although many do run away from teaching but as a postgraduate student in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka without a steady source of income, you might consider teaching if you have a flare for it. In Nsukka, there are few schools that could pay you up to 20k a month. St. Theresa’s College Nsukka, Shalom Academy Nsukka are among the schools capable of paying you well. There is also City Comprehensive Secondary school located at Oba Nsukka. You can try any of these.

Mobile Cybercafe/Typing and Printing: Although this requires little capital and your time, but it is good to be going on with. About 90-100k will start this up if you can get a business space for yourself inside the campus. I used to help students get their business spaces but I no longer render such services. The least I can do is to direct you. With a good generator, 2/2 table, chairs, a big business-purpose umbrella, modem, and a laptop, you are good to go. Like  I said, it demands your time and it’s highly competitive.


Indirect Investment: Have you heard about this before? It is my term for a kind of business where a student could invest in an already existing business either inside the campus or outside the campus (Ogige Market). I know a student who is eking out a living from this. He invested in wears, and had a documented agreement with the guy selling them in the market. At the end of every month, he gets a cut. You can invest in other things as well depending on your capital.

Indirect Salesperson: I used to do this before now. All you need to do is to go to the market and discuss with some dealers on laptops, chargers, batteries, printers. Now when you come back to the campus, advertise these products. The easiest place to do this is in your class. Present yourself as a pro in discussions that concerns laptop and other electronics. Here, it’s your mouth and the quality of your wares that will save you.

There are other activities that can actually sustain a postgraduate student of the University of Nigeria, in Nsukka town but I consider the ones above as the best. You can add yours in the comment box below.

Please remember to share after reading as the information could actually help one who is at cross-purpose as to what to do to make money while studying in Nsukka.

Franklin for UNNOBZAVA



  1. AROME

    February 3, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    How about those that delivered theirs by hand to the school of PG.Arome,Thanks.

    • admin

      February 3, 2018 at 10:37 pm

      It is ok as far as you handed it over to the right officer in the PG school. Thanks

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